Order your Bespoke Face Covering with built in filter pocket

Lots of beautiful designer fabrics, find more details from the main menu. 


Hi Alice,

Thank you, thank you! The best masks ever, not the thing one ever imagined having to wear but these are the best fit and most comfortable mask I have tried wearing in these awful times.

Good luck for the future - and for a future where there is live theatre again.


Hi Alice

I just wanted to say thank you for the masks you made for us. They are beautiful! Its slightly odd that something so awful could lead to such loveliness but there we are. It makes me feel a bit better about wearing a mask anyway so I'm very appreciative :-)


Hi Alice, 

Just wanted to say a big thank you as the 3 facemasks arrived today. They are beautiful! 

Thank you very much and I wish you many more happy customers! 

Take care and stay safe, 



Hi Alice.

Thank you for the beautiful 4 masks you made so quickly for. They help ease the strangeness of this life we are all living !  

They make me feel  good and cheerful I do my one outing a day to buy food. I am a silver haired 84 year great grandmother, and you have made me feel glamorous!

Many thanks.   


Hey Alice,

For a man with a beard I have bought so many masks that didn't fit me and to be honest looked bloody awful and uncomforable. But i have just received your mask today and it fits as well as looking fab! Thank you so much for offering to alter your sizing to fit a hipster beard in.

Sending you my best wishes.


Hi Alice,

Thank you so much for my fabulous masks which arrived yesterday!  They're great, gorgeous and really well-made!  Until my office reopens and I can show them off to a wider public I shall be wowing the people of Sainsbury's on a weekly basis!


Hi Alice,

Just wanted to let you know my two masks arrived today and they look LUSH. Thank you x


Hi Alice,

I just wanted to message you to say thank you so much for the masks you made me. Your fabrics are fricking amazing and they are made so well. Love them! Thanks for all you are doing. Keep up the good work.


I’m Alice, a freelancer creating sets for theatre and the events industries. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us lost all up and coming work and it was uncertain when the arts and events industries were really going to be alive and kicking again. The sudden realisation of what was happening hit me and didn't want to be at home twiddling my fingers for months upon end worrying about my diminishing bank balance and the state of the world! I decided to channel my creativity and passions into designing and creating from home and im enjoying it so much! This website will be forever changing with new things added daily. Enjoy! x

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