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I’m Alice, a freelancer creating sets for theatre and the events industries. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us are unsettled and unfortunately it’s uncertain when the arts and events industries are going to be alive and kicking again. I am out of work for the foreseeable future so I’ve been channelling my creativity and passions into designing and creating from home and im enjoying it so much! This website will be forever changing with new things added daily. Enjoy! x

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Keeping in contact with you all is what keeps me going! Follow @alicecoxcreative on Instagram to keep up to date with my daily activities and bespoke makes or to just have a natter.


C-SPACE has been created by one of Alice's amazing friends as a platform to support freelancers during the COVID-19 outbreak. It aims to be a platform for makers to tap alternative creative outlets during this period of uncertainty with work and job cancellations. Every week Alice along with other talented freelancers are uploading a new piece of work, with 15% of proceeds going to Compliments of the House, making sure food gets to those who need it most.

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